Camp LePapillon

Oak Haven seeks to build stronger teen families by providing a one-week informational and support camp for pregnant and parenting teens and their children.  Camp LePapillon provides informational sessions on a variety of topics that includes parenting, child development, car seat safety, domestic violence, child support, substance abuse, human sexuality, birth control, discipline, child support recovery, budgeting, nutrition, community resources, and work readiness.  Camp decreases feelings of loneliness and isolation and provides an opportunity for teen parents to share their feelings and concerns.  Many of the camp participants are not enrolled in school.  Every effort is made to encourage campers to enroll and stay in school.  The teen parents make personal acquaintance with people in programs and agencies who can help them with their specific challenges. Participants have an increased familiarity with community resources.  The exposure to professionals in the community helps them see possibilities for their own futures.
Camp facilitators use the Nurturing Curriculum to provide opportunities for parent-child interaction.  Parents learn about the importance of playing with and reading to their children.

Camp is held for one week in the month of June and is offered to all teen parents, regardless of whether or not they are currently attending school.  Referrals come from schools, Juvenile Court, DFCS, youth-serving agencies, and self-referrals 

Program Funding:  The program receives funding from the Georgia Campaign for Adolescent Power and Potential, United Way of Northwest Georgia, and private donations.